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Freedom Through A Lens (FTAL) is a photography exploration game. Created over 8 days by @nicstaracek and @FeenikxFire for #ResistJam, and abiding to the Freedom of Press diversifier, in that the game showcases press and journalism through game play.

Creating a game for #ResistJam was a complicated endeavor. It was a busy work fueled week-and-a-bit for the whole team, and personally I saw myself enter a realm of game design/ development that I had never experienced before. I'm extremely grateful to this game jam and for all of it's supporters, as it's allowed my team and I to create some really cool stuff, with an important meaning and intent behind all of the cool "game stuff".

Creating a game that resist oppressive authoritarianism in all it's forms, with an overall focus on diversity and inclusion, was a difficult concept to grasp initially, let alone form a game experience around it. Ultimately I was able to deliver at the end of the day, which is where the concept for FTAL was born.

In this game you assume the role of a photojournalist, who's attended a freedom protest taking place in the center of town.

This game experience could not have been made possible without the outstanding effort and assistance of these talented developers, artists, and fellow colleagues:

Zoe Lovatt - Graphic Design & Characters - Online Profile

Nic Lyness - UI Design & UI Programming - Online Profile

Nicholas Staracek - Game Design & Writing - Online Profile

Other Royalty Free assets were sourced from TurboSquid, CGTrader, TF3DM, and were used accordingly.

Huge thanks to Fungus Games, While Fun Games, and Ibuprogames for game featured assets.

In-game music is ODAKIAS by Ryuichi Sakamoto, used under CC BY 3.0

Read the post mortem for FTAL here, written by developer Nicholas Staracek.

Please Note: Mac OSX build had not been fully tested for functionality, it may have bugs.


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I'm playing the mac build. I talked to the little girl to the right of where you start. After talking to her, I'm supposed to take her picture. What am I supposed to do to take her picture? I've pressed all the buttons and nothing happened. I also can't move away. All I can move is the camera.

Am I doing something wrong?

It's lovely how you were able to implement so many different stories just by putting the player in the role of a photo journalist. :) The different characters and their motivations to be at the places were interesting to explore and I also like your own art style. <3 Happily I included this game into one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam and in a showcase video, along with two other nice games. :)

Best wishes,


Have you got some future plans for it? :)

I like the game! It's just missing some of the salty elements of the protests.